What is Alpha?

Important decisions e.g. purchasing a new house, car, changing jobs, where to go on 
holiday, need time and thought. 

The claims of the Christian Faith are so life impacting that giving time to considering 
them is time well spent.  Many people have found The Alpha Course provides an ideal
space in which to do this and we would love you to join us on a future course. 

For the time being Alpha will be online (the advantage being you can sit on your own
settee! The disadvantage... no meal together).

All on zoom, the format is a brief time of welcome / getting to know each other,
followed by guests watching the evening's session which addresses an aspect of the
faith.  The group then comes back together for about 30 minutes of relaxed discussion
coming out of the session just watched.  There is no assumed knowledge or 
expectation of knowledge or sympathy of / for the Christian Faith. 

For details of the next course click here. To enquire further, contact 
Estelle Woodcock at alpha@stjohnswelling.org.uk, 07718476670 or phone the 
church office on 020 8303 1107.