Mirna Paulo

Argentina, with CMS (Church Mission Society)

I am a teacher, lay evangelist, member of  AMARE’s Provincial Team of South America (affiliated to Mothers’ Union), a pastoral advisor and a member of the Diocesan Council of Northern Argentina.
My role is to support leaders and members of the Diocese of Northern Argentina to ensure the continuation of evangelism and to seek brother- and sisterhood links with members of other dioceses of the Anglican communion for investing back into the territory.
I seek to be one of the bridges between young people and adults, to take into account their vision as children of God, to be one of the representatives of indigenous peoples to other dioceses, and to accompany children and women pastorally.

Mirna’s story
I am from the Wichí indigenous culture with Argentinian nationality. I grew up in a family of faith in God. Since I was a child I was instilled in obedience to the word of God, my family taught me to apply the evangelical teachings and they warned me to be careful with intercultural relationships.
However, in the state school I learned to generate relationships with others from other cultures. I have always liked socialising with others, so I decided to travel to other places to share about our reality and to learn from others, working with young people and women from the community from the evangelical church.
From a very young age when I finished my high school studies, I worked teaching my Wichí language and culture in secondary school. I also worked for the Education and Culture Ministry helping teachers in bilingual and intercultural education [Spanish and Wichí]. At the same time, I was always with older women who encouraged others in the local churches.
Being part of CMS means, for me, being part of the Lord’s workers to announce salvation, also using the gifts that God has given me and growing in faith together with others, and above all obeying Jesus’ command “go into the world; and preach the gospel to every creature”.


Sarah, Paul, Sophia, Emily & Annabelle Tester

UK based, with CMS (Church Mission Society)


Paul and Sarah moved to Lima in Peru in September 2007 to work with the Diocese of Peru. They work with local people to discern how best they can contribute to the mission of the Anglican church in the Diocese and work mainly with children and young people in Peru, helping them to grow as disciples of Christ. Paul is a qualified civil engineer and Sarah a teacher.

Paul uses his skills along side his main role in the youth work they run (he has recently gained an MA in Youth Ministry and Theology). Paul was also heavily involved in laying the foundations of a new Church building in Lima where Paul and Sarah spent a year out in 2000.

Sarah developed the Ark play scheme, helping children in some of the poorest communities to learn through play. She also works with the children of San Pablo Mission. They have been involved in training the people of Lima to continue the work they have started to enable it to flourish in their absence. Alongside some of the young people, they also run summer camps. They have three daughters, Sophia, Emily and Annabelle.

The Tester family have now returned to the UK and Paul has taken on a new role as CMS mission development manager for Latin America. His main task is working with the Latin American church, key partners in the region and CMS’s people in mission to establish a truly Latin American mission movement.

St John's Rep: Mike & Jenny Cosser



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