Prayer Chain


18 X 2 hours JANUARY 2021

Book an hour or contact Estelle (07718 476670 / FB)

or Kate (07712 364962 / / 020 8303 1107)

(If the link doesn't work, just contact one of us to book you in - it's not an interactive booking system)

There are two joint hours for prayer via Zoom. Please join us at 383 735 8302 / PW=161371

60 Minute Prayer Guide for the Coronavirus Pandemic

Other prayer resources can be found at

Mon 18th Jan 21 to Mon 25th Jan 21 is also the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and we have invited other churches.
The theme that was chosen, “Abide in my love and you shall bear much fruit”, is based on John 15:1-17 and expresses Grandchamp Community’s vocation to prayer, reconciliation and unity in the Church and the human family. Resources are available online at

Many thanks for taking part in the Prayer Chain January 2021.

May you draw close to Father God as you spend time with Him.


Friday 22nd Jan

Saturday 23rd Jan
12midn-1am xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
1am-2am xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
2am-3am xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
3am-4am xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
4am-5am xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
5am-6am xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
6am-7am Booked Booked
7am-8am Booked Booked
8am-9am Booked Booked
9am-10am Booked Booked
10am-11am Booked Prayer Zoom - all welcome
11am-12noon Booked Booked
12noon-1pm Booked Booked
1pm-2pm Booked Booked
2pm-3pm Booked Booked
3pm-4pm Booked Booked
4pm-5pm Booked Booked
5pm-6pm Booked Booked
6pm-7pm Booked Booked
7pm-8pm Prayer Zoom - all welcome Booked
8pm-9pm Booked Booked
9pm-10pm Booked Booked
10pm-11pm Booked Booked
11pm-12midn Booked Booked